Dance Yourself to Fitness!

Dancing leads to better health and happiness. In addition to physical benefits, MUVE dancing releases stress and relaxes busy minds. The MUVE Method is a free resource to learn easy, improvised dancing.

Many people benefit from MUVE. You can too. Explore our web pages to find how MUVE can help parents, seniors, children, people who need more exercise, people who want to lose weight, those who sit much of the day, and people who want to improve their dancing skills.

MUVE dancers adjust the intensity of their movements to match their personal needs. This makes it easy and fun for people of different ages and physical abilities to dance together, each at their own fitness level.

MUVE is so easy to do, it will take the difficulty out of dancing and exercising. Muve will get you going right away. With nothing to memorize, you'll find it easy to dance along. Best of all – you can't do it wrong!

If you want to become a better dancer, the MUVE Method will teach you the basics of improvised dancing.

Dance-along at your desk with Office MUVE

OFFICE MUVE videos bring natural stress relief through joyful dancing. This free and readily available online resource provides a variety of quick workouts to refresh workers in minutes. Take a healthy break from the physical inactivity of office work to loosen stiff joints and release tense muscles. See the whole Office MUVE series.

DVDs Turn Good Intentions into Action!

We have the best intentions about exercise. Yet, we often don't find the time to do it because of a long list of excuses. It can be hard to inspire oneself – that's why we MUVE together!

MUVE exercise DVDs supply inspiration, instruction, guidance and support. Each MUVE DVD features a detailed teaching section, the easy way to learn to MUVE. Then you practice with an assortment of cheerful workouts organized in playlists. There are 6 shorter sessions of 3 dances each. In addition, there are 4 longer workouts from 20 minutes up to a full hour.

When you play a MUVE DVD on your TV, cheerful music infuses your home. The dancers on the DVD are genuine everyday people. We want to be your support and remind you to move your body every day! Muve is also an excellent stress reducer.

We created the DVDs to make dancing easy and to support your efforts to stay active at home. You don't need to drive anywhere and spend money on gas or gym fees. MUVE DVDs also give you the opportunity to invite your friends or family to dance along with you. SHOW me the DVDs

“... The MUVE DVD is so delightful! I love it! I've always loved dancing ... However, my pesky condition (Multiple Sclerosis) has taken me from the “Lido Shuffle” to the “MS Shuffle!” But MUVE is soooo forgiving & fun. You gave me more than a DVD ... you gave me such an energizing, exhilarating experience! A true boost for me physically, emotionally, spiritually - ” -- Alana, Massachusetts

Learn about the MUVE Method Link to the MUVE Method

MUVE Dancing Games (MDG) inspire creativity, boost self-esteem and teach leadership. They are exercise, disguised as play. They give families and friends an exhilarating experience together. Anyone can enjoy an MDG, no matter their age or physical shape, because with MUVE everyone adjusts movement size and energy level to fit their personal needs.
MUVE Dancing Games are easy to set up. See all details at the MDG Page

Dance along for free with over 80 videos at the MUVE Video Blog.

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“My wife came home with one of those videos... . I tell you it is the greatest investment I ever made. It's a babysitter in itself. Allen just turned 3 in June. He dances to the video every day, a couple hours at least, free babysitting - and that's just one day.”
-- Sam, Hawaii

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MUVE Dancing Games

Inspire creativity, boost self-esteem and teach leadership.
They give families and friends an exhilarating, fun activity together.


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