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Spontaneous Dance and Easy Dance Workout – Live Free Online Exercises

Willow Chang is today's MUVE-Along Show Guest. Willow was born and raised in Hawaii and has studied a wide variety of dance styles such as Hula, Middle Eastern belly dance, Arabic and Egyptian styles, Lebanese and Turkish, tribal fusion, contact improv and modern dance, contemporary and what she likes to call theatrical dance. She's a jack of all trades and today will show us some simple moves from her vast bag of tricks. The MUVE Along Show aims to animate television watchers to get up and dance right in front of the TV or computer. You can do it too. Move along as Willow leads Maggie in the studio and the television audience at home.


Learn "Tinikling" Filipino Folk Dance, simple Basic Steps with Gabe and Josh

At today's MUVE-Along Show Guests Gabe Torno and Josh Javier teach us the basic steps of the Pilipino dance "Tinikling" with 2 long Bamboo Sticks, usually held and animated by 2 people while the dancer/s jump in and out between the bamboo sticks. The dancers symbolize Tinikling Birds, and the "clapping" symbolizes the farmers trying to catch the birds. Because of the limited space in the studio Gabe and Josh have brought short sticks - but you can learn the steps even without any prop. There is a section in this show, where Gabe and Josh show us their You Tube videos featuring full size bamboo tinkling clapping and a full program of choreographed performances. You can reach Gabe and Josh through their website www.tekniqlingz.com.

MUVE SHOW on TinyTV OC16, Senior MUVE

Traditional Korean Dance with Mary Jo Freshly – Spontaneous Dance-along!

At today's MUVE-Along Show teacher Mary Jo tells us about the different genres of Korean dance: Court dances, Mask dances, Drama dances, Buddhist influenced dances, Folk dances, Farmers dances. She learned Korean dance from her teacher Halla Huhm. Mary Jo demonstrates very simple basic movements for our first dance along. Then we do a dance with "Sleeves" which comes from Masked Drama dancing. For our last dance host Tiny requests a spontaneous dance to the music of the Pointer Sisters. Mary Jo is a good sport and we use Korean dance movements set to the pop song "Fire."


Spontaneous Sing-along with Scott Smith – Make the Joy of Music Your!

Today Maggie has invited Scott Smith, a professional entertainer, to inspire the home audience to sing along to some old time favorites. To support the mission his mom Serafina has come along. Dancing and singing are wonderful ways to relax and find joy. And "doing it" is so much more fun than just "watching" or "listening!"


Easy Belly Dance – Beginner Dance Moves with Shadiya

MUVE-along Show 07/11/11 (abridged). Today's guest Shadiya teaches Middle Eastern Dance in Honolulu. She is showing us some basic moves to dance along at home. Shadiya's alluring grace and charismatic artistry capture the essence of authentic Middle Eastern Dance, transporting audiences to the sights and sounds of the mystical Orient. Dedicated to the instruction, presentation and promotion of authentic Egyptian-style and North African dance, Shadiya is skilled in a variety of styles such as Saidi Folk dancing from Southern Egypt; the Ghawazee dance of the Banat Maazin from Luxor, Egypt; the ancient tribal dance of Algeria's Ouled Nail, as well as the contemporary cabaret solos of modern Cairo. For eight years Shadiya was the principal dancer for the Near Eastern Dance Company of California, founded in 1982 by Alexandria of Berkeley, California. 
In 2001 Shadiya began teaching and performing, establishing her first perfomance troupe, The Near Eastern Dance Company of Hawaii. Shadiya has also served as the 2004 and 2010 president of the Middle Eastern Dance Artists of Hawaii (MEDAH), a non-profit organization established to educate, entertain, and promote awareness and appreciation for the art of Arabic dance.


Clowning around with Dancing Exercises at Home | Spontaneous Dance Family Fun for all Ages

08/26/11 Live MUVE-along Show, abridged. Today's guests Rose and Wallen help me demonstrate how easy it is to dance for good health at home. Masquerading as clowns brings special freedom -- it shakes off whatever inhibitions we might have about moving freely to the music. It certainly got us three clowns into the dancing groove. In addition to the outfits we brought toys! Hats, scarves and plates can be found at home and are perfect toys to ignite creativity for a dance improvisation. Let yourself be inspired to get up and dance along with our simple dance moves. The MUVE Method helps people realize that they actually already know how to dance. It offers a simple and easy way to get moving. With continued practice, inexperienced dancers can develop confidence. Creativity blossoms when the dancer "gets the hang of it" and starts to experiment.


West African Dance with Michael – Easy aerobic dance workout at home

LIVE MUVE Show 06/13/11 (abridged). Dance exercise at home right at your computer, it will refresh your mind do your body good! MUVE dance is always improvised. It's a fun way to exercise for kids, teenagers, adults and seniors. You won't even notice that you are doing cardio exercises. Today Michael Cahill is teaching us moves inspired by the dances of Guinea in West Africa. This should get your heart rate elevated and your oxygen flowing in your veins. Moving to music is healthy and fun. Especially when you know you cannot do it wrong. This is cardio funk aerobic dancing for your living room. Go ahead and do it, it's super easy to follow and will make you feel good.


WaveWorks shamanic dance form supports health, creativity and neurological growth

MUVE Dance Along Show 08/01/11 (abridged). Eva Geueke is in the studio to introduce her dance called WaveWorks to the TV audience at home. As always we invite you to have fun and dance along with us. WaveWorks (Continuous-Motion) is a rich shamanic dance form that follows the bodies wisdom and uses sound breath and wave like movement to tap into the ancient memory of our cells. This work originates from Continnum that was developed by Emily Conrad by using breath, sound and wavelike movements we undertake subtle and dynamic excursions into known and unknown waters inside our own world. This stimulates neurological growth and supports health and creativity. Eva Geueke is a dancer, Feldenkrais practitioner®, capoeirista and choreographer. She received her education from the Rotterdam's Dansacademie, Holland. In NYC she studied intensively at the Cunningham School, with the Trisha Brown Co. and some of the best movers and dancers of the Post Modern dance scene. Eva danced with Stephen Petronio and D. Zambrano and created work with C. Dennis, K. Koegel, F. Faust and Lisa Schmidt.


TV and Computer Audience gets Physical Activity with LIVE Dance-along Show in Hawaii

LIVE MUVE Show 06/27/11 (abridged /15min). The MUVE-along Show invites you to enjoy physical activity and loosen up at home or at work right now, right here with Tiny Tadani, Maggie and today's guest Safiya Om. Safiya is a Performing Artist, incorporating Acting, Singing & Dancing. She's here with us to share her joy of dancing. She'll be doing a dance form which she calls Infinite Dance, a Universal fusion of energetic expression. Inspired by Polynesian, Oriental, African, Indian and Native dances, a spiritual and global fusion which goes beyond cult-ures encouraging self-empowerment, interconnected independence and Joy.~ ~We'll be doing a warm-up to "Belove" and "Let Me Show You" from The Dum Dum Project. Then we'll be dancing to "Infinite" and "Drunk Off Kombucha" from theLuminaries new c.d. And we'll be ending with "Mr. Brown" by Zap Mama.~


Soul Motion a Conscious Dance Practice with Rea Fox

LIVE MUVE Show 06/20/11 (abridged). Rea Fox is in the studio to introduce her style of dance called SOUL MOTION to the TV audience at home. Soul Motion conscious dance practice is an odyssey of creative expression, human relating and divine dialogue... a spontaneous dance experience that assists individuals in claiming a clear vision of the Higher Self, and the power to live it daily, to dance with life! "Soul Motion encourages seeing with the mystic's heart and eyes - a way of penetrating to the invisible core of the things; stillness in motion, motion in stillness; the silent song. " -Vinn Marti, Creator of Soul Motion. Soul Motion is a spontaneous creative dance happening that assists individuals in claiming a vision of a higher self and the power to live a meaningful life. - It is an expressive art form that awakens the creative sprit that resides within. - It offers points of view that enable participants to anchor, acknowledge, and act during the commotion of a life lived with enthusiasm. - It summons us to embrace the passion and play of our every day dance as it encourages re-arranging what is familiar and standing centered at the edge of all experiences. - It asks that we reclaim our birthright to living a life fully expressive and completely engaged in liberation transformation. - It suggest that the body and soul in motion can provide a map to the release from everyday stress, an avenue to walk and reflect on “what is,” and clear guidance to express the longing of the soul, which is a direct line to the natural way. Rea Fox is a certified Soul Motion dance facilitator and professional singer. You can contact her by emailing info@muve.com