10 Principles Method

MUVE with Allen (Pre-schooler)

Allen discovered MUVE in the summer of 2009. It was raining and he and his mom where looking for shelter when the happened upon a MUVE dance session in the Makiki Library. He was fascinated and his mom took home a MUVE DVD. At the age of three Allen decided to make MUVE his home entertainment. He danced along for hours. His dad calls MUVE his best baby-sitter.

Happy Christmas Dance with Preschooler Allen – Family Dance Exercise at Home

(Glam Tidings) No better way to get into the Christmas Spirit than by dancing around in the living room! Here you see Maggie and her little friends following the lead of 3-year-old Allen. He learned how to dance spontaneously all by himself by following along to his MUVE DVD easy dance exercises. 5 months later he can create his own moves on the fly - as demonstrated here. Use the many dance-along videos at the MUVE website or YouTube Channel to get energized and make you body and mind feel good. If you are just watching you are missing the point. It's about how it feels and not how it looks! Happy Healthy Holidays from us to you. PS: Especially check out the Office-MUVE Series, my favorites when it come to dancing along. [watch video - dance along]

4 year-old Allen leads dance to Fiji song "She's Da Bomb"

A happy dance at the Senior Expo in Honolulu. A bunch of volunteer showed up to support Maggie on stage. Here we are following the three Muses Allen (4), Wallen and Rose in the center triangle. MUVE is grooving to the music, inspirational dance that is always spontaneous. Young and old can MUVE together. Little Allen learned to MUVE by dancing to the MUVE along videos at home. His dad Sam says he can entertain himself for hours with MUVE. Allen is especially fond of leading others as a Muse. Whenever I have an opportunity for us to perform, Allen wants to be in on it. He has copies of every dance ever burned to dvd. He made a great jump in physical and creative ability since last February. Wallen takes the lead cruising in his special style. Followed by a brand new Muse. Her Name is Rose and she naturally enjoy inspiring others. Welcome Rose! The three Muses demonstrate a Basic Triangle MUVE dancing game. MUVE Dancing Games are group dances and excellent exercise activities for kids. The spot in front is where the basic MUVE is created. This "Muse"-spot, and the positions of the other dancers are marked on the ground. There are different MUVE Dancing Games for any number of players. They offer stress relief for kids, exercises for older adults and workouts to get in shape for the whole family. They can get the family up and moving for better health and happiness. Learn about how to play the MUVE Dancing Games and get healthy dance aerobic exercise right at home. http://www.muve.com/home.html#game_instructions [watch video - dance along]

Miracle Mule • Dance exercise for seniors and kids alike

MUVERS from ages 3 - 80+ dance for the Great Aloha Run Expo on 2/13/2010. This dance along video shows how people of all ages can adjust their movements to fit their individual needs. MUVE dance exercises are always freestyle dance moves. They are simple dance routines as well as low impact cardio exercises. It's hard to motivate yourself to exercise, so why not dance along and let us help you get in shape at home, right in front of your computer. [watch video - dance along]

Acoustic Swing- Dancing Game

November 2009 - This is a TRIANGLE 5 Dancing Game. Three dancers in the middle take turns leading. Even small children can dance as a Muse. Whenever they loose concentrations, call a rotation within the center Muse-triangle ("Huli-Huli"), and move a "fresh" Muse into the lead. This dance also demonstrates a "switch." After each of the three Muses had a chance to lead, I "called a switch" for the outside positions. This rotates two new Muses (lead dancers) into the triangle. [watch video - dance along]

KuuW-AT with Allen

Allen (3), Susan, Maggie and friends dance at the Wellness Fair at Aloha Tower Market Place. Allen came to some of my adult MUVE Sessions in September 2009. We soon found out that being a Muse is his favorite way to dance. So here is one of his very first public appearances as a MUVE Muse in November 2009. [watch video - dance along]

Ku‘u Hoa – dancing to DVD

Jacob (9), Noa (5) and Allen (3) dance along to the Family MUVE DVD. This is Keiki MUVE #1, the first Kid MUVERS have arrived. You can watch them enjoying themselves and improve their dancing as we continue to make videos. Three year old Allen started to entertain himself at home with the MUVE videos in June of 2009. Noa, the 5 years old daughter of a friend of mine, had started dancing to the MUVE DVDs at home too. In November I invited both to come and dance for this video. This was the first time Allen and Noa met. Especially watch for Allen's "bliss moment." [watch video - dance along]

Jingle Bells – 1st Friday

Allen inspires fellow children to dance along at the Hawai'i State Art Museum Lawn, 12/04/09. In this Follow the Muse Dance Game, whoever dances in the center position is the lead dancer also called the Muse. The dancers and audience follow loosely. In this game the Rotation Call of 'Huli Huli', moves players one position clockwise. As players land in the center Muse-spot, they take over the lead. The other two players are inspired by the Muse's movements. There is no need to be precise. MUVE dancing is about having fun and exploring creative dance moves. Go ahead and dance along to this video right now. [watch video - dance along]

Allen & Noa – Minor Swing

Noa (5), Allen (3) and Maggie dance at the Weinberg Studio on 01/16/10. This Follow The Muse Dancing Game works great for all ages and group sizes. Whoever dances in the center position is the Muse, the lead dancer. The Muse provides dancing inspiration for the group. The Rotation Call of 'Huli Huli', moves players one position clockwise. As players land on the Muse-spot they take over the lead. The other two players in the Triangle follow loosely. MUVE dancing is about having fun, exploring creative dance moves and joyfully moving with the whole family. [watch video - dance along]


Maggie, Wallen, Kai (10), Noa (5) and Allen (3) dance a TRIANGLE Dancing Game at Maggie's house in November 2009. In a Triangle Dancing Game the three dancers in the center switch leading position in a clockwise manner. The two dancers on the outside just dance along. This was the first video shoot for Noa and Allen ever. [watch video - dance along]

Spontaneous Dancing Exercise with Preschooler – MUVE Dancers come in all Ages, Shapes and Sizes!

Dance like nobody is watching and let the music move you. It's so much fun to let loose, shake your bones and energize your whole being. - Learn about the MUVE Dancing Games at the MUVE website. Then play them with your party guests, co-workers or family. There are 15+ different party dancing games you can do. They are super easy dance exercise games and feel oh so good. Song: We No Speak Americano [watch video - dance along]

Jingle Bells at Home

Spontaneous MUVE created on 11/15/09. Dancers: Allen (3), Noa (5), Kai (9), Maggie and Wallen. Watch our youngest MUVER Allen, confidently inspire group of dancers in this easy Holiday Dance Along. In this Follow the Muse Dance Game, whoever dances in the center position is the lead dancer also called the Muse. Everyone else follows loosely. There is no need to be precise. MUVE dancing is about having fun and exploring creative dance moves. [watch video - dance along]