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Finally, a Dance Exercise Program for the whole family
MUVE - the fun and easy dance-along method,
refreshes parents and gets inactive children movin’!

Use the power of music and dance to get your family on track to healthier bodies and minds. Save money and time by exercising right in your own living room. Invite the whole family for quality time. MUVE is fun for toddlers, children, adults and seniors - and it’s very easy to do! This is an activity that siblings of different ages and developmental stages can enjoy together!

A Physical Break: Get your own exercise done while taking care of your kids. MUVE is a great cardiovascular workout. By using all parts of your body, you and your family will improve flexibility and build muscular strength - everybody at their own fitness level. MUVE does not feel like work at all! It’s pure fun, guaranteed to add vitality to your day and make you and your family feel great.

Mental Relaxation: Dancing releases mental tension. Your busy mind relaxes as you dance to beautiful music from Hawai‘i and the Pacific. Forget your worries as you dance along in the company of dancers of all ages, shapes and sizes. Because there is no memorization involved, MUVE is a stress-free experience!

MUVE Dance Exercise DVDs

• Feature beautiful and cheerful music by some of Hawai‘i’s top musical artists •
• Have visual instructions, so you can fully enjoy the great music. •
• Are happy and upbeatBring joy and tropical sunshine right into your home •
• Will energize and entertain you •
• Teach with beautiful and colorful graphics as well as a guide to follow •

MUVE DVDs make excellent gifts!

A Dance Exercise Program for the Whole Family!

MUVE is a fun, new and way to dance. It’s a spontaneous dance workout that is a break away from the current complex and heavily choreographed dance exercise videos on the market. MUVE makes you feel at ease as it invigorates your body with simple dance moves you can follow without memorization.

  • Each DVD features 17 original songs and dances with a colorful cast of everyday people from age 7 to 75.
  • A “MUSE” (lead dancer) and colorful animated graphics supply guidance. The viewers follow loosely or create their own dance.

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In the unlikely event that you feel MUVE is not giving you the results you are looking for, just send back the DVD and we will refund your full purchase price
- no questions asked!

  • The MUVE method teaches 3 easy “Basic MUVES” and 10 important principles. You’ll pick up the main ideas in minutes. The Method is clearly explained in the teaching section on the video.
  • The dances/songs are organized into various playlists. You can choose shorter or longer workouts as well as select faster or slower songs.
  • The DVDs feature original music by top artists from Hawaii and the Pacific: John Cruz, Sister Robi Kahakalau, Sean Na‘auao, Willie K. and Eric Gilliom as Barefoot Natives, Don Tiki, Te Vaka, Jroq.
  • Provides a cardiovascular workout, improves flexibility, and strength

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You’ll like to Muve it, Muve it
... This “spontaneous dance workout” shows a mixed bag of dancers, from children to young adults to grandparents, moving and shaking some easy, loose stops to music just as varied as they are. ... It’s a fun way to get grandparents moving for better health and little kids into the habit of regular exercise. I enjoyed learning new “muves” and did it fast enough to work up a sweat. It’s fun stuff that doesn’t feel like a workout. Joy.
                                          - Port Arthur News
... The casual approach is fun and light ... This is an exercise program that your toddler would probably love to “help you” with since it’s colorful, has playful music and again, not rigid with the moves.


  • Perfect physical activity for indoors
  • Inspires healthy physical activity
  • Brings families together for quality time
  • Provides physical fun and emotional release for children and adults
  • Is ready to fit into your busy schedule anytime
  • Lets siblings of different developmental stages exercise together
  • Can be used as a party game!
  • Save money and time by exercising at home.
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MUVE, your anytime Babysitter!

“My wife came home with one of those videos... . I tell you it is the greatest investment I ever made. It’s a babysitter in itself. Allen just turned 3 in June. He dances to the video every day, a couple hours at least, free babysitting - and that’s just one day.

He has been playing with it for over 3 months... and he is really good at it. He tells me ‘Dad, stand over there and do like this’ (demonstrates) ... he makes us dance with him. Now we are also going to the live MUVE sessions as a family.”

Sam, Honolulu

Adv MastHead

“All those television dance contests are not doing couch potatoes any favors. Watching Olympic athletes, actors and professional dancers can be intimidating, to say the least. Who wants to compete with that? .... MUVE is nonthreatening because of its simplicity. The fact that nobody, including the teacher, will be watching is very comforting.. .” - The Honolulu Advertiser

HNL MagCover
“... Kunkel’s backup dancers are a charmingly motley crew to dance along with, and the colorful graphic overlays that burst in time with the music can prove hypnotic. If you’re trying to stick to an exercise routine, little motivational touches like this might make all the difference.”

Honolulu Magazine

Save Money
and Time!

Exercise with MUVE

  • No need to go or drive anywhere!
  • Muve to better health any time of the day!
  • Select the duration & intensity of workout
6 sessions 10-12 minutes
4 sessions 15-20 minutes
3 sessions 20-60 minutes

  • Never boring! - You create new movements every time you MUVE!

Loads of fun and enjoyment for you and your family!

Turn your personal workout into quality family playtime! Use MUVE to channel your child’s abundant energy into healthy physical activity. MUVE dancing releases physical and mental tension. Especially during the winter months, when outside activities may be limited, let your kids dance off their excess energy in the safety of your home.

Multiple playlists let you select workouts with different duration and energy levels. With MUVE your kids can let off steam before dinner or in between homework assignments.

Protect your family’s health!

MUVE offers a healthy activity suitable for elders, youngsters and parents.

Dancing is an effective, all natural remedy in the fight against obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even mental and emotional overload.

While computer games and TV will hold the attention of a child for many hours, they do nothing to improve their physical well-being. Now with a MUVE DVD you can use your TV to promote your family’s health!

MUVE Benefits:


  • Overall Health
  • Stamina
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Muscular
  • Strength
  • Cardio Health
  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
  • Creativity
  • Self-Esteem
  • Relationships

Helps fight

  • Weight issues
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Mental Overload
  • ADD

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“I can start off feeling down, even tired or achy, and as I start dancing, all stress melts away. I surrender to the music and I feel joy. It’s so easy, so simple, so fast. And afterwards, my whole being is more alive, I am breathing more deeply, I am relaxed, energy is running through my body, my mind is clear, my outlook is bright . . . and all good things are possible.
All this from dancing to a song!”

Margaret, Honolulu