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3 Basic MUVES

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Step - Step - Shifting weight from one foot to the other in a repetitive motion. Fast or slow, big or small, left or right, you can go anywhere with endless variations.
Only every second beat gets a weight shift. The weightless other foot is free to accentuate the 2nd & 4th beat.
No shift in weight. Balance is centered on two legs. A hop is a rooting Muve.
Reverse Tap
You can also put the weightless accent on the 1st & 3rd beat.
Root on one leg
This is the Icon for rooting on one foot only.


These MUVE Principles remind you of the most important ideas of MUVE.

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Enjoy Music
Appreciate the gift of music. Tap into the creative energy and allow the music to Muve you.
Feels Good
Make every Muve feel good! Listen to your body. Adjust every Muve to your own liking
Size It
You decide the speed, intensity & size of any Muve. Only your size is the right size.
Muve is for your own enjoyment. Relax and Muve like nobody is watching.
Any Muve
There are no limit on how to MUVE. Follow the dancers or make up your own dance.
Practice leads to confidence which allows creativity to come forth. Explore your options.
Equal Rights
Release all body parts from inhibitions. This is for fun. Nobody is watching!
Feel community when dancing with others. Catch the rhythm and ride along with us.
Be a Muse
Spread joy and physical wellness through dancing. Inspire others by your example.
One With Music
Move to music to create happiness in your life.

How does the MUVE Method work?

Each MUVE dance is spontaneous without pre-planning or rehearsal. The dancer harmonizes with the music by stepping in rhythm and moving freely and creatively. While some like to create their own dance, others prefer to follow along.

People learn to MUVE by dancing along to the lead dancer called the Muse. Leading by example, the Muse presents movement ideas and repeats motions long enough for others to recognize the basic concepts and catch on.

The Muse creates movements based on a system of 3 Basic MUVES, the elementary building blocks of MUVE dancing. MUVE dance videos use graphic icons to continually display the Basic MUVES. This shows which MUVE is being danced and signals when the Muse changes the Basic MUVE.

The Basic MUVES are so easy, anyone can do them, even people who think they can't dance. Practice of the Basic MUVES improves dancing skills and confidence. They are the springboards for creative exploration, and have unlimited variations.

Because a MUVE dance is always created spontaneously, MUVE dancers follow “loosely.” Students are provided with ideas and concepts, with no need to be exact or perfect. They are also encouraged to follow their own creative spirit at any time.

Anyone can be a Muse. As more people step up to lead as a Muse, the dance becomes more exciting and entertaining.


You can do a Basic MUVE in many variations. Basic movement patterns stay constant but other aspects change.

Variations are created by shifts in: Balance • Direction • Speed • Size • Intensity • Origin of Motion • Accentuation

Example: Walk


Combine MUVES either one after the other (in sequence) or at the same time (synchronous)

Sequence Example: “Grapevine” (combo-Icon below, left, top): Two beats of WALK (step, step), and two beats of TAP (step, tap).

Synchronous Example: “Shimmy” (combo-Icon below, left, bottom): Stand with both legs rooted and shift your weight left and right (walk in place).

How is MUVE different from other dance or exercise methods?

Most traditional dances are heavily choreographed. MUVE dances are created in the moment. Any and all MUVES are okay as long as they feel good. MUVE dancing is easy and you can't do it wrong.

Because MUVE dancing is spontaneous, anyone can join in immediately. You don't need to find a partner or worry about keeping in step with the group. You can follow the MUSE or make up your own dance. It doesn't matter how it looks, only how it feels.

You make the rules as you listen to your body and adjust your movements to feel good. You can do a mellow dance or create a high velocity aerobic workout at any given moment. Take bigger steps to challenge yourself, and slow down any time you want.

People of different generations and fitness levels can MUVE together. Because you follow loosely or even create your own dance, your movements are always new and never boring.

Instructional Animations

So you can fully enjoy the music, all instructions are given with the help of colorful animations.

Scrollover the icons to read about the meaning of the animations or watch the movie version by clicking the link below.

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This animation indicates that a basic Muve change is coming.
Extend to the edge of your reach. Make it as big or small as you like!
Speed up and slow down as you prefer or need.
Slow down to rest or put in extra energy for a harder workout.
Slow Down Any Time
Always listen to your body first! Take a break anytime.
Switch Anytime
It does not matter if you use left or right foot/arm, etc.
Switch whenever you like. Can also mean accentuate left and right
Bend & Sway
Upper Space
Use the space above. Reach out into space.
Let go, relax.
Explore: Vertical/Horizontal, forward/backward, up/down, diagonal.
Groovin' Joints
Muve your joints. Gently go all the way, “feel them out.”
Jump and put some space between you and the ground.
Back Space
Reach into the space behind you. See what you've been missing.
Spin a circle, big or small, fast or slow. See who is around you.
Bag of Bones
Loosen up in a relaxed or energetic way. Unleash yourself!
Spin like a dervish or twist on the spot.
Body Parts
Explore movement capacities of different body parts. Give them special attention. Feel muscles and tendons.
Explore the space you have available to you. Enjoy it all.
Align and Balance
Keep your body aligned with the center of gravity.
One Side
Separate left from right. Balance on one side and explore with the other.
In or Out - Big or Small
Experiment with opposites. Big Muves take more energy. Small Muves let you rest.
Feel the Rhythm
Use Proper Support
Listen to your body. Some of the movements you see may not be good for you!
Adjust the movements to your needs. Be gentle and don't overdo it.