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I am excited to share with you a fun workout and dance method like nothing I have ever seen - MUVE! It is such a fun way for individuals, children, families, and seniors to stay active and have a blast!! full article

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All those television dance contests are not doing couch potatoes any favors. Watching Olympic athletes, actors and professional dancers can be intimidating, to say the least. Who wants to compete with that? full article

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Dancing is great exercise, but the whole notion of following an aerobics video seems so 20 years ago. Enter a new twist on an old idea with a bit of local flair.

Derived from the words "music" and "movement," MUVE encourages participants to connect to the tunes and follow along with the instructor loosely. Improvisation is fine, too. full article

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Looking for the perfect gift to get your body moving? Looking for an escape from the stress of everyday life? Looking to lose weight, gain flexibility, and enhance your fitness? The Muve DVDs by Maggie Kunkel are phenomenal!

Straight from Hawaii, the Muve DVDs really get you heart pumping and your body "muve"ing. When I watch the DVDs and exercise right along with them, it is virtually impossible not to smile, relax, and completely get wrapped into it! full article
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The DVD section at Borders is crammed with exercise videos designed to whip you into shape right in your own living room, in a million different flavors. Pilates, yoga, ballet, the samba. Now you can add Hawaiian-style to the list, with this new, locally produced dance exercise DVD.

Originally conceived by Maggie Kunkel in 1998, the Muve program ties upbeat Island music with a forgiving choreography that consists mainly of small, simple steps and foot taps. full article

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The idea is to feel free to enjoy music on a very personal level and be active in a physical way by connecting to the music, feeling the music," says Maggie Kunkel, the founder of muve, a form of free-style dance. The concept goes back to her childhood, dancing any which way in her living room with the music blasting full article

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A family exercise DVD...disguised as dancing. I don't even know if you can really call this an "exercise" video. It's really about the dancing.

I know, I know, but Sarah I am not a dancer. Well, let me let you in on a little secret, neither am I. At all. You can ask my husband. He'll tell you the truth, won't you honey? And if we're being completely honest, I really don't like to exercise. full article