What Is Muve-Link to Video

Finally, a Dance Exercise Program that helps you
lose weight, feel great, live stronger and happier!
It’s MUVE - the easy dance-along method.

Dance your way to fitness with MUVE, the new exercise tailored to your personal needs. Enjoy beautiful music as you exercise to better health. MUVE makes you feel great as it invigorates your body and your mind. MUVE is a full body workout that is super easy to do. You can "MUVE-Away" aches and pains too!

MUVE will improve your health on many levels. It will strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility in a gentle way. Dancing along at your own pace will help your heart and cardiovascular system. A MUVE workout does not feel like work at all. It’s pure fun, guaranteed to add vitality to your day and make you feel great.

People of all ages, including children love MUVE dancing too.
The whole family can exercise together with a MUVE DVD.


Low impact cardio exercises for older adults and
their families

• Each DVD features 17 original songs and dances with a colorful cast of everyday people from age 7 to 75.

A “MUSE” (lead dancer) and dazzling animated graphics supply ideas and guidance. The viewers follow loosely or create their own dance.

The MUVE method is very simple. It teaches 3 easy “Basic MUVES” and 10 important principles.
You’ll pick up the main ideas in a matter of minutes. A teaching section on the video clearly explains the simple MUVE Method.

• The dances/songs are organized into various playlists. You can choose shorter or longer workouts as well as select faster or slower songs.

• The DVDs feature original music by top artists from Hawaii and the Pacific: John Cruz, Sister Robi Kahakalau, Sean Na‘auao, Willie K. and Eric Gilliom as Barefoot Natives, Don Tiki, Te Vaka, Jroq.”

• All instructions are given visually only, so the music can be enjoyed to the fullest.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our “No RISK” Policy

In the unlikely event that you feel MUVE is not giving you the results you are looking for, just send back the DVD and we will refund your full purchase price
- no questions asked!


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Loads of fun for you and
your loved ones!

MUVE is a fun, new and unusual way to dance. It’s a workout that is a complete break away from the current complex and heavily choreographed dance exercise videos on the market. MUVE makes you feel at ease, as it teaches simple dance moves you can follow without memorization.

Children and adults of all ages can dance to MUVE. Invite your friends, kids and grandchildren to dance along with you at home. Turn your personal workout into quality playtime!

Improve your health with MUVE!

MUVE benefits your cardiovascular system. Continuously muving to music at a comfortable level increases your heart rate and improves your circulation.

Every body part will benefit when you MUVE. You can alleviate aches and pains with movement! By learning to move your body beyond its usual range of motion, you will gain flexibility. Because you are using all your body parts, you gain strength and stamina!

Dancing releases physical and mental tension. MUVE will refresh your outlook. Your busy mind relaxes and you forget your worries.

MUVE Benefits:


  • Flexibility
  • Stamina
  • Muscular strength
  • Cardio health
  • Lymph system
  • Injury recovery

Helps fight

  • Arthritis
  • Weight issues
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stress


  • Creativity
  • Self-esteem
  • Relationships
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“Wow! What a great surprise! ... The MUVE DVD is so delightful! I love it! I’ve always loved dancing ... . However, my pesky condition (Multiple Sclerosis) has taken me from the “Lido Shuffle” to the “MS Shuffle!” But MUVE is soooo forgiving & fun.

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying it. You gave me more than a DVD ... you gave me such an energizing, exhilarating experience! A true boost for me physically, emotionally, spiritually - multidimensional improvement tool!

Again, thank you so much!” -- Alana, Massachusetts

You can benefit from MUVE no matter your physical condition or your age. The secret lies in the 4th MUVE principle “Make it your size.” MUVE teaches you to adjust the size and intensity of your movements to your own needs. As your flexibility and strength improve, you can MUVE longer and more vigorously.

“I have a long history of back problems, and MUVE is the first program where I don’t feel like I need to do any of the things which don’t feel right to me.” -- Leanne, Honolulu

Now for a limited time, take advantage of our
Special Offer

Order your MUVE DVDs Today!

Buy the MUVE DVD

What MUVE can do for us.

I MUVE because it makes me happy. It keeps my weight in check and takes care of my health. Since my early childhood, I have used dancing for mental and physical release.

My goal is to bring the joy of unbridled dancing into your life. Moving to music is natural. You can see it by watching any child responding to rhythm.

MUVE is EASY! It can give you a break from your busy day and be your inspiration to exercise.

I created the MUVE DVDs to share this joy with you. My hope is that MUVE will make you feel great in your body and happy in your mind. Please feel free to contact me at info@muve.com if you have any questions or would like to share your experience with me.