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Workshops: Playful Team-Building and Physical Release

Enjoy Healthy Quality Time with your Co-Workers

Expand Your Personal Creativity

Improve Your Dancing Skills

Experience Playful Interactions with Peers

Dance with Your Friends for Health and Fun

Develop Confidence and Practice Leadership Skills

Playfully Dance to Loosen Up and Let Go!

MUVE Play-shops unite people, and enhance team spirit, health and happiness!

Let MUVE help improve your relationships at work, school or any social get-together. Playful spontaneous dancing helps break down barriers and opens new lines of communication between people.

The atmosphere at a MUVE workshop is relaxed and invigorating at the same time! You'll learn to dance freestyle MUVE, which will come in handy the next time you encounter a dance floor. And you'll learn various community dancing games. You'll see your friends and co-workers in a brand new light as you inspire each other with free-spirited, stress relieving dancing games.

"... I'd like to thank you for offering your MUVE workshop during the WO Innovations in Learning Day (WILD) held at the Windward Community College on Friday, March 5, 2010.

Your workshop generated a great deal of buzz on campus! We've heard so many accounts of the workshop from excited attendees who just loved it! As you can see in the attached Workshop Feedback Summary for your workshop, the attendees were unanimously appreciative.

Your workshop seemed to have left a lasting impression, too. On the feedback form for the overall WILD event, when asked to tell about a presentation or activity that was especially significant, several attendees wrote of your session.

... Thank you again for providing such a fun workshop to our faculty and staff."

Tara S., Kaneohe

Corporate Workshops

Energize your team with a playful MUVE workshop. Benjamin Franklin said, “We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” Electrify your company with MUVE as a team building activity. Discover why Ben Franklin also said, “Games lubricate the body and mind.” Help your team open up to each other and make better connections in order to obtain the ultimate‚Ķ..higher productivity!

Make Exercise Fun with a Muve Club

It's so much better together. MUVE dancing can be healthy exercise fun for any group of friends or co-workers. Maggie teaches how to create a MUVE Club and start supporting each other to dance for exercise.

Anyone Can Learn to Dance

This workshop teaches the MUVE Principles and the 3 Basic MUVES, the foundation on freestyle dancing in style at clubs and parties. Participants improve their dancing skills, become more creative and confident on the dance floor. Maggie shares her tricks about how to come up with great dance moves and how to use variations of these creative movement ideas to entertain oneself and others for hours. Participants learn to dance and as side benefit enjoy easy aerobic exercise.

Learn to teach MUVE exercises for elderly people

Attention caregivers and senior companions! Want to learn how to inspire elders to be physically active and emotionally well through the power of music and MUVE dance? Maggie wants to show you how to teach dance exercises for seniors. You'll learn how to create low impact workout sessions for older adults. Workshop can either be customized for a group of caregivers or include your group of elders in the process.

Get Kids Excited about Physical Activity

Learn how to help your kids be more active. Using the MUVE concepts, dancing games and videos you can give your kids a break from TV and computers. Even children with weight issues enjoy MUVE. Learn to create exciting exercise routines for kids using music and dance. Most children love to lead as a MUSE. This workshop will get them excited about invigorating each other, their school mates and family through improvised dance. MUVE dancing games are effective stress relief activities for kids and great opportunities for creative expression.

Learn to be a Muse

Learn to experience music as a creative, musical partner, with your body as your instrument. The workshop teaches to emotionally connect to music and to express the joy this creates. You will learn how to inspire your own dance with the help of the MUVE concepts. Then Maggie teaches how to create spontaneous dancing activities for others. You'll be practicing how to entertain a group of dancers with your creative energy and movement ideas. You learn how to use MUVE to create workouts to get in shape and to make a hot dance party happen for any occasion.

Maggie Kunkel, Creator of MUVE

Dancing together as a group unites us in a happy activity, bringing us closer in our personal relationships.

MUVE dance workshops bring back that playful time when we were younger and knew how to get each other going.

Playing together creates a feeling of “ohana,” what we in Hawaiʻi call the feeling of goodwill, inclusion, and family.

MUVE workshops also teach dancing skills and provide stress relief for busy people.

To see which type of MUVE workshop would be best for your group, give us a call at 808-955-8211 or email at

"..My "boss" even got up out of her chair in her office and started dancing for me! She went on and on about how she always wanted to dance but didn't know what to do, and easy you made it, and how the music was so good that she "had" to move! ..."

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MUVE Dancing Games

MUVE Dancing Games